New Arrivals

Mushie was founded in 2018 when the co-founders left their jobs as an educator and marketing consultant. At the time, they invested $1500 to start the company.

Mushie and her eight siblings grew up in Czech Republic, Belgium, Israel, and Poland because of the nature of her father's real estate business. She finished her college degree and became a teacher for 7 years before moving to New York, getting married, and having children. Levi was born and raised in Houston with his eight siblings. When he was 17, he began buying and reselling cell-phones while living in Brooklyn, New York, and ultimately landed back in Houston where he would become a marketing and e-commence consultant, working with several startup companies.

After Mushie was diagnosed with hyperemesis during her second pregnancy, she had no choice but to leave her occupation as a teacher and be put on bedrest. While enduring this difficult condition, she found joy in researching and finding the best products for her baby. Both her and her husband found it a challenge to find aesthetically pleasing, practical, and safe baby products and so Mushie, the company was born along with their second son.

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