New Arrivals

Siblings Sara Panton and Sean Panton grew up in a small seaside community on Vancouver Island, where they were introduced to natural living at a young age. The first Vitruvi collections were built from their apartment, where they hand-filled and hand-parcelled every order. Now Sean and Sara lead a team out of headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. 

Vitruvi are experts in natural scenting. Using their knowledge of botanicals and traditional blending methods, they create sophisticated essential oil products for scenting your day-to-day. As a design-centric company, they thoughtfully consider every detail. From the placement of buttons on their diffusers to the quality of Vitruvi’s packaging, we’ve made home scenting beautiful, safe, and effortless. Many traditional home scenting products use artificial or synthetic fragrances, which can be harmful to breathe in on a daily basis. Using non-toxic, all-natural, 100% pure essential oils, Vitruvi expertly sources and blends unique aromas to help you take ownership of your space

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