New Arrivals

Well Kept make refined women’s essentials that cultivate routine and ritual, without hurting the earth. Everything they create is intentional and considered.

Their story starts like many others – a desire for a product that they just couldn’t find – that has evolved to mean so much more. In Well Kept's search for a more sustainable and enjoyable shaving experience, they discovered many other facets of wellbeing that weren’t just bad for your skin, but harmful for the earth, too.

That’s why they made their sustainable brass safety razor and carefully curated a selection of goods that create a more intentional self-care routine for both your body and mind. They've committed to learn more about sustainability, equality, and inclusion, and both with the connections held in their well kept community, and the actions they take as a brand, they hope to leave only a positive impact on the world. Read more about Well Kept's brand ethos and commitments here.