Brightening Cleansing Oil

Penny Frances Apothecary

A harmonious, aromatic, and restorative cleansing elixir gently enlivened with lemons, limes and mandarin peel oils that delicately cleanse, comfort and revive your skin, melting away makeup and impurities. Created with potent plant oils that refresh and brighten whilst gently exfoliating. This uplifting cleansing oil rejuvenates and revitalizes, breathing new life into your skin.

  •  Ritual: Pump two-three drops into the palms of your hands and rub together to warm the oil (this releases the beautiful fragrant citrus aromas) apply to your face and neck and gently massage into skin, being careful to avoid the eye area. Place a warm washcloth over your face, breath in and relax, then gently wipe the oil away. Rinse the washcloth and repeat, holding it over your face and gently wiping away the day's dirt and grime. Complete with Rose Geranium and Hibiscus Botanical Mist. Your skin feels refreshed, nourished, revitalized and nurtured