Geranium Botanical Facial Serum

Penny Frances Apothecary
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This beautiful botanical face serum is an ode to the Sun. Use it to regenerate and balance your skin. Help treat sun damage and hydrate delicate, sensitive, and dehydrated areas. This potent serum calms and replenishes whilst beautifully lifting and brightening your spirit.
Infuse your skin with precious botanical extracts of Madagascar Rose Geranium, wildcrafted Corsican helichrysum, and regenerative Pomegranate. Nutritive organic oils of papaya, strawberry, wildcrafted Marula, and sweet cherry deliver radiance and lustre to your complexion.
  • Ritual:  Warm a few drops of this beautiful aromatic oil in your hands before applying to face and neck. Alternatively, blend with your preferred hydrating cream for an enriching nutrient and vitamin boost
  • Additionally, for a relaxing nightly ritual scatter a few drops onto a hot washcloth and hold over face, breathing in the beautiful flower aromas, experiencing instant calm and serenity. For beautiful hair, add a couple drops to your favoirite conditioner, and for a soothing, fragrant bathtime, add a few drops into your bath.
  • Size 30ml